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Customer Reviews Of Our Instructional Help Videos


Thank you, this was helpful. I was so happy to do this job myself and save $350.


Great video! I replaced the ice maker unit, water inlet valve, cleaned the condenser coils of dust, replaced the water filter and had defrosted the refrigerator for ice in evaporator due to burned out fan.

Frank Lezzi

Out of all the videos I spent looking for a solution to my problem which took about 2 days. I finally found someone who can actually put a video where I can see how I can fix my problem without all the ads or jargon; where someone just talks and tells you what to do. KUDOS to you for putting a video that should have been put up the year in which the model was made.

El Kabong

Thank you so much for this great video. I have been trying to troubleshoot my ice maker for the last two weeks with absolutely no help from Samsung other than them telling me to hit the reset button. After watching this video for 5 minutes I was able to remove the component and diagnose the issue as locked up ice in the ice maker. A few seconds with a hair dryer and the ice was released from the unit and I was back up and running.

William Hennessy

Hey, Tri City, thanks for your excellent video, which I referenced extensively.

bhaz 1941

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