Genuine OEM Refrigerator Water Filter Replacements

Remove More Harmful Toxins So You Can Enjoy Healthier Drinking Water and Ice


With over 40 years in the appliance repair industry we understand the importance of fitting high quality water filters into your refrigerator, and we know what to look for in a high quality water filter that delivers the best value for money.

We’ve witnessed first hand that;

“Cheap water filters are a false economy

and can do harm to both you and your appliance”

In this small snippet taken from one of our videos you can witness for yourself what happened when we were making a routine change of customer’s LG fridge water filter. It clearly demonstrates a badly fitting filter which may lead to leaking, just one of the many problems you may encounter when you use a cheap aftermarket or counterfeit water filter instead of a genuine OEM filter.

OEM V’s Aftermarket Refrigerator Water Filters

An Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) filter is the original filter designed specifically by the manufacturer for the refrigerator or fridge freezer. You may also here OEM referred to as ‘Factory Original’.

Aftermarket fridge filters are not created by the same manufacturer, but are designed and made to fit and perform equally as well as the manufacturer’s original filter. Sadly, in our 40 years experience, cheaper ‘Aftermarket Fridge Filters’ do NOT perform well and in most cases they DO NOT produce the healthiest and best quality drinking water or ice. While they can be up to 60% cheaper than OEM filters, in most cases it’s just a complete false economy.

Counterfeit water filters are being sold online every day!

As stated by AHAM, an Independent Organization which helps manufacturers bring efficient, high-performing home appliances and appliance parts into the homes of consumers in the United States, Canada and around the world:

Counterfeit water filters are being sold online every day. But even though these products may appear identical to those sold by legitimate manufacturers, their performance is anything but. Counterfeit filters are illegal, and often don’t deliver on their promises or function near the level of authentic filters. Impurities found in some parts of the US water supply, such as lead, asbestos, pesticides and insecticides may not be filtered out by counterfeit or deceptively labeled filters. Even scarier is the fact that the consumer may not have any indication that these and other contaminants are not being removed from the water they drink. The water doesn’t look any different, so consumers assume it is being filtered.

And unlike the water filters made by legitimate brands, counterfeit water filters are not designed, tested and certified to fit your refrigerator. A poor fit could damage the refrigerator and cause leaks that could lead to costly property damage.

What’s really going on with your family’s drinking water?

Please take the time to view these two very short videos. You’ll most probably never opt for the cheaper option again when it comes to the quality of your drinking water!


How can you avoid buying a counterfeit water filter?

It’s often difficult even for experts to tell the difference between a legitimate fridge water filter and a counterfeit. Sometimes, they’re only distinguishable by differences in weight.

At ‘Tri City Service’ and Appliance Repair Tube (our DIY & Support Division), we routinely check the authenticity and quality of the water filters that we install ourselves and sell to our customers. We cut filters open, examine everything from the casings to the density and weight of the internal carbon blocks that do all the hard work in delivering the very best in clean, healthy drinking water.


Why Buy Genuine OEM Refrigerator Water Filters From Us?

‘Tri City Service’ recommend that you only purchase authentic OEM water filter cartridges for guaranteed performance. Unless you really know what to look for, you should be wary of other brands or imitations offering a cheaper price and claiming compatibility with your refrigerator. We only recommend genuine water filters for use with our refrigeration products, imitation products may be of poor quality and non-compatible.

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